Kemp signs several bills into law Friday

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 5:02 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Ending a week full of new laws hitting the Georiga books, Gov. Brian Kemp signed even more new bills into law on Friday.

Here is what he signed into law on Friday:

HB 286

This bill supports law enforcement by preventing cities and counties from reducing their budgets by more than 5% in one year or cumulatively across five years.

HB 90:

This bill creates uniformity with the Uniform Commercial Code by specifying that buyers in the ordinary course of business can not be liable for damages sought by owners of the title to the timber for with the buyer transacted.

HB 355:

This bill is a complete update to Georgia’s Carbon Sequestration Registry. The bill allows for building materials that sequester carbon to qualify for carbon credits, as well as, adds stands of timber to the list of items that qualify for the credits.

HB 282:

This bill updates the Qualified Timber Property. It sets the appraisal at a 50-50 split which is determined based on fair market value and an income approach.

SB 119

This bill removes the notification requirement to GFC for burning backyard debris. It sets times, location, and precautionary requirements for burning backyard debris and does not override any local ordinances that counties or municipalities may have in place.

HB 619:

This bill conveys Patrick’s Fishing Paradise in Enigma from the Department of Natural Resources to a private entity.

HB 498:

This bill is an amendment to the Constitution that allows for independently qualifying family farms to enter into a partnership and be exempt from paying ad valorem taxes.

HB 336:

This bill updates Georgia’s Hemp laws to comply with federal laws. It also outlaws any person from cultivating hemp in residential structures and increases surety bond requirements on processors to help protect farmers.

SB 247:

This bill updates the notice requirements and participation requirements for commodity commissions as it relates to marketing orders and major amendments.

HB 575:

This bill allows for consolidated governments to increase their OLOST from 1% to 2% if the governing authority passes a resolution and the voters pass a referendum.

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