Dougherty Co. revamps its entire summer program

Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 7:29 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Dougherty County School System is revamping its entire summer program.

For the first time ever, students will be able to take a foreign language, sign language, coding, and other new classes during the summer.

Also, it’s free.

It’s all part of efforts to excite kids about learning after a tough year due to the pandemic. Schools will also pay special attention to students facing learning loss from the struggles of virtual classes.

Associate Superintendent of Academic Services Cheryl Smith gave WALB’s Gabrielle Ware the details.

“Not like a traditional summer school at all. We will have various opportunities available for all of our students we’re actually coining it, ‘Race to Learn’,” she explained.

The Race to Learn summer program will offer an in-person curriculum. RACE is an acronym for the different categories of students the program will serve.

“Remediation, acceleration, credit recovery, and enrichment,” said Smith.

Credit recovery refers to students who need to retake a class.

The enrichment category has options summer school students have never had the chance to take before, like dance, photography, and personal finance.

Smith added a few more options.

“Coding, cybersecurity right, things students don’t normally have the opportunity to experience during a traditional summer school,” she said.

You only have seven more days to register.

Race to Learn is a new summer school program for Doughery County students.
Race to Learn is a new summer school program for Doughery County students.(WALB)

To do so, visit Scroll through the banner until you see “Race to Learn”. Click “learn more” then find the school you want your child to attend and sign them up.

“Teaching in a virtual environment presents certain challenges so really for us it’s about countering what those challenges are,” explained Smith.

School officials hope this summer program will get kids excited as things begin to go back to normal.

Registration closes May 14.

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