Super speeders to fund county EMS new ambulance equipment

State trauma grant is funded by the Georgia Super Speeder Bill

Super speeders to fund county EMS new ambulance equipment

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County is getting thousands in state grant money to update ambulance and trauma equipment.

The county completed the last step in getting that grant Wednesday morning. The difference between updated equipment and outdated equipment could be life or death.

The Georgia Trauma Commission Grant is just over $11,000. It’s typically annual but, 2020 complicated things.

“With COVID-19, we had been told this past year that we probably would not be seeing a trauma grant this year. We just didn’t expect the funds to come through. So, we were very excited. We had a very short window to get the application submitted for funds approval,” Dougherty County EMS Director Sam Allen.

He said the department is constantly busy. A tour through the center revealed sleeping quarters for those extra long nights.

The constant “on the go” environment, also means more wear on their equipment.

“This will allow us to buy additional updated equipment for the ambulances. We use it for purchasing equipment for patients that are trauma-related,” he said.

The department would otherwise have to take it out of their budget.

The grant is funded by the Georgia Super Speeder Bill. There’s a reason why it falls under that particular legislation.

“You got people who are running 90, 100 miles per hour. If they have an accident or cause an accident those people are now trauma-related patients,” he explained. “When the fines are collected the state is really good at distributing it to the Georgia Trauma Commission.”

Funding for the grant is reevaluated each year.

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