Hunt for more suspects continues in Worth Co. rooster fighting case

Vehicles towed away from rooster fighting scene in Worth Co; hunt for more suspects continues

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - More arrests are expected a rooster fighting operation was busted in Worth County this past weekend.

On Thursday, the Worth County Sheriff’s Office released an update on the case, including 12 suspects that were arrested and charged.

The sheriff’s office said all 12 are charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Six of the 12 men arrested
Six of the 12 men arrested (Source: Worth Co. Sheriff)
Six of the 12 men arrested
Six of the 12 men arrested (Source: Worth Co. Sheriff)

Deputies say three of them — Josue Robles, Ramon Robles and Benjamin Vasquez — each face more charges, which include commercial gambling and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Worth County Sheriff Don Whitaker said about 200 birds are still being tended to and are doing OK right now, however, it’s up to the courts on what’s next for them.

Don Whitaker
Don Whitaker (Source: WALB)

Whitaker said that vehicles were left behind by dozens who ran after the operation was busted Sunday. He said the vehicles that are believed to be part of the operation were towed.

The sheriff said if you ran and want your vehicle back, you have to go through his office first.

“We’re trying to concentrate on right now, who was out here, what their role was, and then we decide exactly what appropriate charge will go on them,” said Whitaker.

The sheriff said he does expect more people to be added to the list of 20 that are currently in custody. On Monday, the sheriff’s office said 20 people were arrested in connection to the operation.

He said those who watched the fighting will be charged the same as those who put it on.

“They’re contributing to facilitate the activity out here so they’re charged equally,” said Sheriff Whitaker.

WALB News 10 was not able to get any closer to the fighting area than where we were on Monday. Whitaker said they’re still looking at the area as a crime scene.

“Anybody that’s doing this kind of operation can just know, if they’re doing it, we’re gonna find out about it and they’re gonna be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker believes this was the only rooster fighting operation going on in the county.

Whitaker said if you have any information, you can contact his office at (229) 776-8211 and ask for the investigation division.

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