Lee Co. opens applications for food trucks

Lee Co. opens applications for food trucks
Lee County is opening applications for food trucks. (Source: WALB News)

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Lee County officials are taking steps to bring food trucks to county properties.

The Lee County Board of Commissioners says they have gotten tons of inquiries, requesting mobile food trucks at the boat landings.

They are now accepting applications for any food truck business that may be interested.

So far, Sutton’s Landing and the 100-acre property at 231 State Route 3 in Leesburg, are both under consideration for potential parking spots.

“When people are getting on their usually hungry or thirsty. We’ve had lots of request from the food truck vendors that want to go and provide their services there. So, this is a win-win, I think, for the community. It’s going to help the people that’s canoeing and it’s also going to help these vendors provide a service that’s needed,” Christi Dockery, Lee County manager, said.

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