Operation Clean Sweep focused on revitalizing Albany’s ‘pocket parks’

Operation Clean Sweep

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Thursday was Earth Day and The City of Albany revitalized a city park. It was one part of Operation Clean Sweep.

This week, they cleaned up Ward 4 on the West side of the city, near Meadowlark and Pheasant Drive.

City workers and staff helped beautify Three Oaks Park on Thursday. It’s also known to some as Three Oaks Pond. But, there hasn’t been water in it for years.

City Commissioner Chad Warbington said they are working of cleaning up “pocket parks.” He said they are small areas of green space around town that have been overlooked. But, if cleaned up properly, they have a lot to offer the community.

“Over the years, this park has kind of grown up. The brush has grown, the tree limbs, and it has kind of become partially unusable. So (Thursday), city staff, city workers, are out here mowing grass, moving limbs, mowing underbrush, so now, we’re going to be able to enjoy the full six acres of green space,” said Warbington.

Operation Clean Sweep focused on Albany City Commissioner Chad Warbington's Ward 4 this week.
Operation Clean Sweep focused on Albany City Commissioner Chad Warbington's Ward 4 this week. (Source: WALB)

He said this park will have multiple positive uses when the cleanup is complete.

“A place where people can walk, bring your dogs, bring your kids. This is just a phenomenal jewel in the heart of Lake Park that really has not been what it needs to be,” Warbington said.

Homeowners in the area may also see a positive economic impact. Warbington said this could increase “property values, it gives citizens things to do, places to go, recreation, exercise, all that.”

He also said it’s important that the city not let areas like these, fall by the wayside.

“Neighborhoods all throughout Albany have what I like to call ‘pocket parks.’ And I think that it’s important for the city to maintain them, keep the grass cut, keep them useable,” he said.

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