UGA polls citizens on new election rules

Just under 900 people participated
Just under 900 people participated(Pixabay)
Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 1:41 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (WALB) - On Wednesday, Gov. Brian Kemp’s Office announced that the University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) released new polling showing a majority of Georgia voters approve of key provisions of Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, of SB 202, which Gov. Kemp signed into law last month.

The SPIA Georgia Voting Survey was conducted March 31-April 19 and included a total of 887 (unweighted) Georgia registrants who self-reported as having voted in the 2020 general election. The live interviewer survey was administered by the School of Public and International Affairs Survey Research Center at the University of Georgia. Interviews were conducted in English.

A dual-frame statewide random sample consisting of approximately 70% cell phone numbers and 30% landline numbers. Through commercial sources, phone numbers have been appended to the individual records (registrants) that make up these lists.

The survey results were weighted using iterative proportional ranking in order to ensure the sample was representative of the 2020 electorate in terms of education, race, sex, and age. The calculated margin of error for the total sample is +/-3.3 points at the 95% confidence level.

This would mean that if 50% of respondents indicate a topline view on an issue, we can be 95% confident that the population’s view on that issue is somewhere between 53.3% and 46.7%.

A majority of voters approved of the following:

▪Voter ID requirements on absentee balloting (65% approve)

▪Mandating two Saturdays of early voting (75% approve)

▪Optional two Sundays of early voting (74% approve)

▪Moving to a four-week runoff period (52% approve)

▪Securing all drop boxes around the clock (55% approve)

▪Changing absentee ballot request deadline from four days to eleven days prior to Election Day (60% approve)

▪Prohibiting the sending of unsolicited absentee ballot applications (54% approve)

▪Additional safeguards to prevent fraud (52% support)

Other key findings:

▪A majority of voters, 59%, opposed economic boycotts

▪A majority of voters polled, 62%, believe corporations should “stay out” of politics

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