Navy veteran hopes to be one of 30 new residents in new Dawson housing project

30 homes expected under affordable Dawson housing project

DAWSON, Ga. (WALB) - A multi-million dollar housing project underway in Dawson is putting a smile on the face of a disabled veteran and her family.

A new housing project has Lameisha Broner, a disabled Navy veteran and mother of two, grinning from ear to ear as she’s looking to be one of the first to move into one of the new homes once they’re built.

”Just the mere thought of it has me excited,” said Broner. “But now, some of us have a better chance of being in something better than what we’re in now.”

Lameisha Broner
Lameisha Broner (Source: WALB)

Around 20 distressed houses are on the list to be demolished to make room for roughly 30, three-bedroom single-family homes, according to developers.

Broner is currently renting a home across from one of the development sites.

“It’s nice enough for now, but you know, you have a dream of being in something nicer or, you know, something newer,” said Broner.

The houses will be built across Dawson, including on 2nd and 3rd Avenue Southwest.

Terrell County leaders said the properties are being provided by the Georgia Bank of Dawson and the rest is being made possible by friends of GSAACC LLC and the Georgia State African American Chamber of Commerce.

They said the goal is homeownership.

”We thought it would be a good opportunity to make something happen there, help people in a market where there’s traditionally renters,” said Thomas Swain of the Georgia State African American Chamber of Commerce.

Thomas Swain
Thomas Swain (Source: Thomas Swain)

“Affordable housing in Dawson and Terrell County is something that’s needed,” said Steve Highsmith with the Terrell County Chamber of Commerce.

Swain expects all of the homes to be built over the next five years but the first homes are expected to be move-in ready at the beginning of next year.

These homes are open to the public but officials said they are targeted at lower-income homebuyers.

Swain expects construction and demolition to begin sometime at the beginning of 2022, if not sooner. He said the project is privately funded.

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