Tifton prepares for surplus auction, approve film making permit

Tifton leaders name location for surplus auction; leaders approve film making permit

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Monday night, City leaders voted to move forward with the surplus sale of city equipment, and picked a location.

They are looking to get rid of over 300 surplus items, from police units, trucks, tractors, and even smaller items.

Jeff West is Project Director with ESG Operations said “we have gotten everything over to the auction company. We’ve got the contract going, starting to line things up and over the next couple of weeks, we’ll get everything lined up. We’ve got a few things that we’ve got to get stickers off of, city stickers but other than that we’re right in schedule.”

Jeff West is Project Director with ESG Operations
Jeff West is Project Director with ESG Operations (Source: WALB)

The auction is planned for Saturday, June 5th at the Public Works facility. He said it’s not out of the question for a viewing date or preview of the auction before the sale date, but that has not been announced or determined.

City leaders told us previously that the money raised would go back into the general fund budget.

Council Passes Film Permit

Tifton city leaders continue to welcome Hollywood into their community as council members Monday night unanimously approved an ordinance establishing guidelines for filming and special events.

The film permit is to help ensure the city, community, public safety, and film crews all have what they need to be successful and safe.

It would also help with keeping everyone in the loop, as projects are still rolling into “The Friendly City.”

Executive Director with the Downtown Development Authority, Abbey Mclaren, said, “and it’s really just about permitting in public places. It’s not private property so it’s just giving them the go-ahead to access the streets and the public parks, and maybe some public buildings. We do have a project soon on the horizon and I’ve even heard of another one.”

City leaders said the permit process is what production staffs have to follow in order to film.

Recently Bruce Willis wrapped one of his latest movies within the City of Tifton.

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