New Birth Fellowship Church provides free COVID-19 vaccines in Albany

Albany church gives free COVID-19 vaccines

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many organizations across South Georgia are stepping up their efforts to get more people vaccinated.

On Sunday, the New Birth Fellowship Church partnered with Phoebe’s mobile wellness clinic to help vaccinate those in need. The Moderna vaccine was administered.

Minister Marcus Scott said this is something they’re very proud of.

“It is indeed a privilege to partner with Phoebe, for them to come out to make this event happen. I think it is a very successful turnout. We need to keep in mind that we are still in a global pandemic. So, we want to make sure that people understand we want to make it as easy and comfortable for people to have access to get shots and get the vaccine because it’s very necessary,” Scott said. “It is very impactful for everyone to do their part from wearing a mask to social distancing, abiding by the CDC guidelines and everything we’re supposed to do. So, for us to be a part of that is excellent on our part.”

Scott said this is something they plan to continue doing in the coming months.

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