Phoebe & 4C Academy team up to combat nursing shortage

Phoebe & 4C Academy team up to combat nursing shortage

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Phoebe Putney Health System and Albany’s 4C Academy (Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy) team up to hopefully fill healthcare positions and get young minds “excited” about careers in the healthcare industry.

Phoebe said currently, there are 250 open nursing positions.

Hospital staff said these open spots add to the nation’s nursing shortage, but thanks to a partnership formed Thursday with the 4C Academy, they’re hoping to cut down on that shortage and put eager students to work.

They’re doing so with a partnership and paid internship program with 4C Academy in Albany, getting middle and high school students excited about healthcare careers.

Phoebe said it is looking at this as a pipeline to fill open positions.

“The earlier that we can get in front of them then that may pique their interest and they might decide to pursue a career and stay right here in Southwest Georgia, in our community. We’re hoping at the end of this internship experience that they’re gonna come to work for us. We’re hoping we can offer them a position and they’ll say yes,” said Dr. Tracy Suber with Phoebe.

Dr. Tracy Suber
Dr. Tracy Suber (Source: WALB)

Westover High School and 4C Academy student Kennedy Luster said this program will help get her the experience and qualifications she needs to reach her career goals.

Kennedy Luster
Kennedy Luster (Source: WALB)

“It’s gonna allow me to be ahead of some of the people that I will go to school with,” said Luster.

Luster said she’s currently involved in healthcare class and has been since the sixth grade. She said she doesn’t know where this program or college will take her, but one thing she knows for certain is where she calls home.

“I will come back to this region and my community,” said Luster.

Luster said she wants to ultimately work at Phoebe, thus reducing the healthcare workforce shortage in South Georgia and across the globe.

Pheobe held a ceremony recognizing their new partnership on Thursday.

Phoebe leaders said they plan to make a $75,000 donation to the 4C Foundation which will help fund the internship and outreach programs for two years.

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