‘It’s getting serious’: APD investigating 3 vandalism cases at family home

APD investigating 3 vandalism cases at family home

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - An Albany grandmother and her family are feeling scared and concerned after their home was the target of three attacks of vandalism in just over a week.

She along with her husband and grandson live in the 2600 block of Wellington Drive in Albany.

Barbara and her grandson
Barbara and her grandson (Source: WALB)

“We don’t know what to expect next,” said grandmother, Barbara Coleman.

First, it was their front door, then her husband’s truck and then on Tuesday, a brick, from their own driveway, was used to smash out their SUV’s back glass, according to Coleman.

The family has reported all three incidents to Albany police who have listed the cases as vandalism and are investigating them.

“First time this has ever happened. To be hit three times, it’s getting serious,” said Coleman.

Coleman said she doesn’t feel like her family has been targeted because she claims other homes in the area have also been hit with vandalism recently.

Albany police said in this area there has not been a repeated location for vandalism until the three Wellington incidents.

Coleman said thankfully the family has insurance because the damage will cost thousands to fix. However, she said she still has to pay deductibles, which can also be costly.

“Haven’t changed any routines because we never know when they will be coming back,” said Coleman.

After the first incident, the family started installing cameras around the house.

The first one was installed by the front door, but she said the camera wasn’t in view when the second or third attacks happened.

Coleman added she just hopes a fourth attack isn’t on the way.

“I hope I don’t find out when they’re coming back because sooner or later, somebody’s going to be waiting on them,” said Coleman.

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