Disabled woman, pet attacked by vicious dogs

Disabled woman, pet attacked by vicious dogs

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A 62-year-old disabled woman and her dog are recovering at home after being attacked by two dogs. Bonnie Phillips, said she has scratches on her legs and her Yorkshire Terrier/poodle mix dog “Whiskey” has wounds from head to tail.

Phillips said they are doing okay physically, but Whiskey is mentally traumatized after this attack. Phillips did not want to be photographed or to show her dog for this story.

According to an Albany Police report, both dogs said to have done the damage were taken into custody following the attack on April 2.

Phillips and the community of Lancaster Lane near Old Dawson Road emphasized that this has been an ongoing problem with these same dogs.

The home of the dogs that attacked Bonnie Phillips and her dog Whiskey
The home of the dogs that attacked Bonnie Phillips and her dog Whiskey (Source: WALB)

The reports said the woman and her dog were taking a walk when the attacking dogs came from behind Phillips in her power chair and attacked Whiskey.

Phillips said she tried to grab her pet from the two dogs but the dogs were shaking Whiskey like a “rag doll” and would not turn loose. She said two drivers tried to scare off the dogs by honking their horns and yelling at the dogs, but they wouldn’t budge.

The police report details that a neighbor had to pick up a stick and push back one of the dogs in order to get them away.

Phillips expressed what was going on in her mind during the attack.

“In the moment, I thought should I let go of my dog? I did not want to, because I knew If I did, they would kill him instantly. But if I did not let go of my dog they were going to kill me,” said Phillips.

Phillips said they had a neighborhood watch meeting earlier this week about many issues but this attack was one of the topics. She said an Albany Police officer told them at the meeting to carry a stick while taking a walk to avoid something like this.

Police said the city attorney is working with Animal Control to draft a letter to send to the owner classifying the dogs dangerous, and the owner will also be cited for animal at large, and the investigation on this attack is ongoing.

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