Albany Utilities working to have billing system delay resolved

Having issues paying your Albany Utilities bill? Here's why

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Heads up Albany Utilities customers — if you’re having issues with paying your bills online, there’s a delay in the system.

Mary Petty, the administrative services director for Albany Utilities, said the plan is to have this resolved shortly.

Albany Utilities says some customers may not have gotten their utility bill. And when they call to check their account using a previous billing statement, it reads invalid.

It’s all because of a billing systems change, Petty said.

“We’re trying to check those bills to make sure that everything that is being billed has been moved over to the new billing system correctly. That takes us time to check those bills on that bill run to make sure there are no problems before we send those bills to our third-party billing company,” said Petty.

Albany Utilities changed billing systems in early March for better services.

If you’re calling to pay a bill over the phone or through the website, Petty said you won’t be able to until the statement is actually billed.

“The issue with that is that, it’s no bill in the system for them. So, if there is no bill in the system for them, then the automated line cannot accept a payment nor can it give them the amount of the bill. It has to be billed before they can actually pay it,” Petty told WALB.

Albany Utilities said they’ve sent out bills to a few customers already and that it may need more time to make it to your mailbox.

They also said if you’re waiting on a utility bill, you will not be affected by late fees.

“There will be no late fees, no disconnect fees or anything like that. The bills are just delayed and we apologize for that. We are trying to get them out as quickly as possible, but what we do want, is a good quality product going out,” Petty said.

Albany Utilities said they plan to have this issue resolved by the end of next week. If you’re still having trouble, they ask that you call them and they can check to see if your statement is on the way and if so, they’ll give you the amount due.

Albany Utilities: (229) 883-8330

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