State Representatives comment on the idea of vaccine passports

State reps comment on possibility of 'vaccine passports' in Georgia

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -We’re hearing from state lawmakers covering parts of Southwest Georgia after Governor Brian Kemp made it known, he does not support requiring vaccine passports.

New York already uses vaccine passports. Hawaii and Illinois state leaders are considering them.

Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Nebraska oppose them.

“I do feel like it’s something we do not need. Right now, things are coming back to as close to normal as they been in over a year. To try right now to separate us into groups as to who has the vaccine, who has not, to segregate us. It’s not a good practice for our state,” said Rep. Darlene Taylor. She serves Thomasville, Cairo, and other cities nearby.

She says vaccine passports would create an invasion of privacy.

She also says if a private company wants to enforce it, their business will likely suffer.

Rep. Taylor is Republican. Rep. Winfred Dukes serves Albany to Donalsonville, as a Democrat.

The two agree the passports are not the answer.

“I don’t think it’s something people in our state or country try to do. I think, in order to limit people from going from state to state or from one venue to the other, I think that’s a bit excessive. What we need to do is continue to see if we can encourage people to get their shots,” said Dukes.

Rep. Dukes says it’s not something he sees the state enforcing.

Governor Kemp’s office shared the following statement:

“Governor Kemp does not support any kind of state-mandated vaccine passport. While the development of the COVID-19 vaccine has been nothing short of an American-made scientific miracle, the decision to receive the vaccine should be left up to each individual. The Governor received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, has had no side effects, and continues to encourage Georgians to book their appointments now.”

For those who like to frequent Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order that bans businesses from requiring vaccination proof.

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