Baseball fans react to Allstar game move

Some agree with MLB Allstar move

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - On Friday we told you of major league baseball relocating this season’s all-star game and MLB draft out of Atlanta.

Early this week major league baseball sent a warning to Republicans stripping its summer All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new voting laws.

“As far as baseball, I respect their decision because everybody should have the right to vote,” said Christopher Jackson, former Albany State track runner. “When I say everybody, that’s from race to gender. Everybody should have the right to vote.”

Jackson says that if he was in commissioner Manfred’s shoes, the outcome would be the same.

“I completely agree. If the governor is restricting votes then I wouldn’t want to have anything there either.”

The announcement came days after civil rights groups were influencing the Major League Baseball Players Association to take action. An action that many people seem to have agreed with.

“Yea, I think it was the right thing to do. You have to start somewhere. Why is it such an issue now? Why wasn’t it an issue four years ago when the democrats lost?” Eddie Slappey asked. “Nobody said anything about voter fraud then, so why is it voter fraud now? You lost and that’s it. Move on.”

Larry Brown says that he is familiar with Senate Bill 202, and says that it gives the government too much control.

“I have been keeping up with the voter registration law since they introduced it in the legislature. I don’t agree with it. The state legislature is taking over the powers of the secretary of the state. So, that means if they don’t like how it’s going they can give themselves the power to change things. So, basically, you can change my vote.”

Brown also says that players and league officials should continue pushing for proper change and that they have the power to do so.

“Athletes are very influential to the public so they should seize on their power that they have. They are probably more influential than some politicians to tell you the truth.”

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