Sylvester PD responds to CVS attack incident

Sylvester PD responds to CVS attack incident
A CVS pharmacy

UPDATE: WALB was given a copy of the 911 report after the CVS employee says she was attacked while working.

This took place around 7 p.m. on March 27 at the pharmacy on West Franklin Street in Sylvester.

According to the report, Corinda Brown called police about an unruly customer behind the counter. Minutes later, the report indicates the officer responding saw a fight and arrested a person. WALB is waiting to learn the name of that person.

The report stated the officer took photos of Brown’s swollen eye, busted lip and possible missing hair from her head. The report also stated her injuries were not severe.

Because of other emergency calls, the report indicated Brown’s daughter took her to the hospital to expedite her getting care while EMS was responding to other calls.

It also indicated the person arrested punched an officer in the face while the officer was booking the suspect. Video of the incident was handed over to police, according to the report.

WALB requested that video but could not receive it due to the ongoing investigation.

In a previous report, Brown shared concerns over the handling of her case.

According to statements released to WALB, the Sylvester Police Department said “the primary duty and responsibility of the Sylvester Police Department has and always will be the safety of its citizens and their properties and its businesses and their properties and their employees.”

The full statements and report are below:

The previous reporting of this incident is also below.

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - A CVS employee in Sylvester was attacked while working last weekend.

Corinda Brown is the team supervisor at CVS in Sylvester.

She said that she was working last week on Saturday when a customer came into the store around 7 p.m. requesting assistance in the pharmacy department.

“I was attacked by a white female that came into CVS asking me and another girl to open the pharmacy because she wanted to get in the pharmacy and we wouldn’t let her in,” Brown said.

The customer said was upset that the pharmacy was closed and before she knew it the customer came around the counter banging her head onto the floor and punching her, leaving her with a black eye and a busted lip.

She said that’s when she began to call 911.

“I was hollering. I said get here yall get here quick. Get here quick. This lady is behind the register she’s back here behind the register. We’re scared for our life please get here quick.”

After calling the police, she said that it took them 20 minutes to arrive but by that time she had already received help from another employee.

“She was strong, he could hardly get her. He was asking her to ‘please turn loose her hair. Stop hitting her’. But she was still hitting me,” she said.

Brown said that this has never happened to her before and that she’s dealing with a concussion and has issues with her vision.

She said that when the police did arrive, they didn’t respond the way they should have and that her daughter had to drive her to the hospital.

“They didn’t even take pictures at the scene. I had to take my own pictures. I took my own pictures, of the bruises and stuff. They didn’t do any of that,” she said.

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