‘They weren’t asking for it’: Sexual assault awareness clothing exhibit starts off in Tifton

Sexual assault awareness clothing exhibit starts off in Tifton

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A sexual assault can not be blamed on the outfit you are wearing.

That’s the message the Patticake House and Ruth’s Cottage want to send home as they open new exhibits in Southwest Georgia.

Throughout the month of April, five “What You Were Wearing” exhibits will open, displaying everyday outfits and stories hanging on artfully dressed doors.

The first exhibit is at the Tifton Mall, which opened Friday.

The idea is to show spectators that everyday people, got up, looked over their outfits that were hanging on their bedroom doors and put them on, just like everyone else. However, the outfits on display are examples of what the victims of a sexual assault were wearing on what they thought would be a normal day.

Kayla Myers, the sexual assault program and shelter manager at Ruth’s Cottage, said they have done similar events like this in the past and believe their message is being delivered.

Kayla Myers
Kayla Myers (Source: WALB)

“I am seeing so much of our youth talk about this and I could not be any prouder. I actually have siblings that are in high school and they are talking about conversations just like this, of saying it doesn’t matter what she wears or what he wears, they weren’t asking for it,” said Myers.

Myers said they hope survivors also walk through the exhibits to see that they are not alone.

Exhibits will be located in Tifton, Ocilla and Ashburn.

List of the exhibits stops.
List of the exhibits stops. (Source: Ruth's Cottage & The Patticake House)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Ruth’s Cottage and the Patticake House do have a 24/7 crisis line if you feel like you need help. That number is (229) 388-1541.

You can also found out more about the events by visiting the organizations’ website.

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