Chehaw creates free virtual lessons, field trips

Chehaw creates free virtual lessons, field trips

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Chehaw started free virtual lessons for teachers and students to use.

Chehaw officials said because of the pandemic, students haven’t been able to go on field trips as often.

Jackie Entz, director of education at Chehaw, said she hopes these lesson plans will be something teachers use even after the pandemic.

Entz said they designed their virtual learning platform to be something teachers already use in the classroom.

“Teachers can go to our website and they can find short lessons on a fish, on a snake, on a turtle and then they can use that short lesson and create their own,” said Entz.

Entz said her favorite virtual lessons are those created for special needs students.

“Unfortunately, they’ve really left behind with not being able to get that one-on-one personal attention, so we have created an entire lesson,” said Entz.

Jackie Entz, director of education at Chehaw.
Jackie Entz, director of education at Chehaw. (Source: WALB)

Entz said they send kits for them to do while watching the lesson.

“We also have created a 10-week virtual field trip session; teachers can register for any of these field trips and then if you missed one that’s okay because we record all of our live presentations and they’re uploaded to YouTube,” said Entz.

Entz said they have gotten good responses from teachers.

“They were extremely excited about it. A couple of the curriculum directors were like, ‘oh my gosh, this is perfect this is exactly what we’re doing,’” said Entz.

She said although they have never done these virtual lessons before, they hope to continue them.

“Sometimes you live two to three hours away, you may not be able to come to Chehaw every single year or every grade level might not, but we can help reinforce those state science standards for so many different topics and grades so beyond what we’re doing now this is going to be a learning option for the future,” said Entz.

To register for these free classes, go to their website.

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