CDC releases new COVID-19 guidance ahead of Easter weekend

CDC releases new COVID-19 guidance ahead of Easter weekend

“Celebrating Easter this weekend will be somewhat similar for many people, and then for some people, it’s actually going to be a little different as oppose to last year,” said Courtney Sheeley with Georgia Public Health’s South Health district.

Sheeley said if you have been fully vaccinated, which means you’ve gotten one-shot Janssen or two-shot Pfizer or Moderna and it’s been two weeks since that last dose, you may be able to have a more “normal” celebration.

“If they are fully vaccinated and around other people that have been fully vaccinated, of course, they still need to be cautious but you don’t have to worry about masks or social distancing, that sort of thing anymore, which is great,” said Sheeley.

The new CDC guidance updated Friday says they’re still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID.

They encourage those fully vaccinated to keep taking precautions to keep others who are not safe.

“They are still encouraging people not to attend large gatherings and that’s very hard on Easter because, of course, that’s when a lot of churches see their highest attendance. So we will just encourage those churches also to ensure they are taking precautions,” said Sheeley.

Those fully vaccinated can also safely enjoy traveling again and have more relaxed quarantine restrictions.

While there may be a small spike in COVID cases after the holiday, Sheeley said it won’t be close to Thanksgiving and Christmas numbers.

”Because it is Easter because it’s spring break, we know people are going to be traveling, they are going to be around people. Surely, the kids under 16 who do not have the option of being vaccinated, they are going to be around people and be exposed. Unfortunately, a few will probably get the illness so we are expecting an increase,” said Sheeley.

If you are feeling sick, health officials advise staying home.

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