City Commissioners and Albany police discuss new safety app

Albany commissioners, APD consider new safety app

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany City Commissioners and the Albany Police Department (APD) are discussing a new app that residents could use to report crime in the community.

Commissioner Chad Warbington said this kind of feature puts the community in direct contact with police.

City Comissioner Chad Warbington ward 3
City Comissioner Chad Warbington ward 3 (Source: WALB)

“Give them peace of mind that they have something on their phone that they can interact with police immediately and the police will know exactly where they’re at,” said Warbington.

Guardian Angel is an app that gives users the ability to send tips to law enforcement. There is also an SOS function for users to use when they are in trouble.

Guardian Angel App
Guardian Angel App (Source: WALB)

Cpt. Angel Bradford with APD says Albany would be the first city in the state to use the app.

“If they’re in trouble they hit the button, and we get a notification of where they are, and we can go to them. It would be free to the users; the city would absorb whatever costs,” said Bradford.

She said you can report crimes anonymously.

Captain Angel Bradford
Captain Angel Bradford (Source: WALB)

“Instead of calling 911 and giving their name and feeling like they may be subject to retribution from the offender they can remain completely anonymous without fear of retaliation,” said Bradford.

Some crimes you can report are vandalism, parking violations, armed robberies, and more.

“When they do that, they tell what’s going on it, gives the location of where it happens, and then they can attach the video or the pictures to that and we get the report,” said Bradford.

Chief Michael Persley said they get a 30-day free trial and are looking to begin that soon.

“We want to have a good cross-section, people who don’t mind if somebody knows where you’re at 24/7 for the next 30 days,” said Persley.

Guardian Angel App
Guardian Angel App (Source: WALB)

The people monitoring the app will be APD and the app’s operation center.

APD and commissioners said they will be contacting people for the trial group directly.

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