SWGA staffing agency sees record number of job openings

SWGA staffing agency sees record number of job openings

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - Quality Employment Services says they are experiencing a record number of job openings in Moultrie and Tifton.

Amanda Brack, Quality Employment Service employee, said it’s not in one specific job field that they’re experiencing openings, but in all of them.

Quality Employment Service is a staffing agency that helps people in Tifton and Moultrie apply to jobs free of charge.

Brack said in their 26 years of business, they have never seen this many job openings.

“We were actually seeing a record job opening before COVID happened, and then COVID hit and we doubled the job openings,” Brack said.

Brack said filling positions is a challenge many businesses are facing. She said it’s hard to pinpoint one reason why.

“Of course, the extra income that people are receiving right now,” Brack said. “I think is definitely playing a role, but I also think that people are still skeptical of covid and going back to work.”

Nancy Najera, a business development consultant, said there’s one field that’s been hit hard.

“Restaurants are the biggest one because we’ve always done clerical more industrial type work, where we’ve had restaurants come to us asking us for help and they have at least 40 openings, it’s not common,” Najera said.

Brack said a doctor’s office had this issue too.

“They had set up 12 interviews and two people showed up for them,” Brack said.

She said they have seen some businesses close their doors or change operating hours.

“Restaurants that have reached out to us, they can’t open their doors back up to in-person dining because they don’t have the labor force right now,” Brack said.

Brack said businesses are doing what they can to get people back to work.

“They are being competitive with benefits they are implementing safety measures to make sure people feel safe at work,” she said.

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