Raffensperger comments on new voting law lawsuit against him

Raffensperger comments on new voting law lawsuit against him

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is responding to lawsuits involving the state’s new voting law, or SB 202.

The law requires an ID to request and return absentee ballots. Dropboxes for those must be inside a building.

Civil rights and activist organizations are suing Raffensperger and others. In the federal filing, they say the new law is a “hodgepodge of unnecessary restrictions” that disproportionately impacts people of color. The NAACP is also suing Raffensperger for “intentional discrimination.”

”I don’t believe (there’s) any merit (in what) they are saying. When you look at Minnesota using driver license numbers, then obviously Democrats love it there and Democrats in Georgia don’t love it here. It’s because they are just trying to make purely political points and that’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate when either side does that,” Raffensperger said. “I think one thing I’ve proven to all Georgians regardless of what political affiliation they have, is that I will walk down the centerline of integrity to make sure we have the proper balance of associability with security and to make sure we will protect democracy in Georgia and also make sure we have honest and fair elections.”

Raffensperger said this new law gives voters more confidence in the absentee ballot process. It will also help restore trust in the election process, the secretary of state said.

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