People complain about Albany IRS being closed, not keeping appointments

People complain about Albany IRS being closed, not keeping appointments

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - If you’re looking to file your taxes through the IRS in Albany, you may run into a problem.

Some people told WALB News 10 that they called to schedule appointments through the IRS appointment line.

“I was advised to get in touch with the IRS and they told me that it was down here in the Albany Towers building,” said Robert Heins, a South Georgia resident. “I been coming up here for the last week and a half and every time I come here, they got a sign on the door that says the office is closed today, but it’s been closed for over three weeks according to another lady that works here in the building.”

Heins said he drove almost two hours to get his taxes done and has yet to receive a stimulus check. He said he was told to show up in person because he shares the same name as three other people in the area.

Heins told WALB that he’s tired of getting the runaround.

“Like the sign is really giving you a false message, like it’s closed today, but that today has been over three weeks,” said Heins.

Kimberly Harrison lives near Valdosta. She said she spoke with the IRS Monday to schedule her appointment and said she was told it would take 30 minutes. However, when she arrived, no one was there to assist her.

“I just think that this is ridiculous. They should know what’s going on with their department. This is people’s money and the way that they live,” said Harrison.

When WALB went to the building, the doors were open but no workers were inside, just people walking in who were expecting to have an appointment.

Joann Doctor told WALB that she is highly disappointed.

“I just feel like I came all the way here thinking that they were here and they’re not here,” said Doctor.

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