Lee Co. High learns about dangers behind the wheel

Lee Co. High learns about dangers behind the wheel

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Lee County Public Safety hosted an event to raise awareness on the dangers behind the wheel.

It was at Lee County High School on Tuesday.

Public safety officials said seven Lee County students have passed away from crashes since 1990.

They used forms of demonstrations with toys. They had a roll-over car stimulator, a seat belt experience while being in a wreck and what it’s like to be tested for drunk driving.

Public safety said cars have so many safety features nowadays, but the issue is people are not wearing their seatbelts.

They specifically selected 10th graders because they’re either driving now or getting ready to.

”It helps educate the students, especially high school students who just started driving. To educate them on that it’s too risky to be drunk and drive at the same time. There’s many fatalities and many people have died from this experience. Especially from one of my own personal friend’s brothers and that has been traumatic to all of us,” Dev Patel, a high school student, said.

Patel is part of the Against Destructive Decisions program. He said this program meshes well with this event since one bad decision could destroy your life.

Lee County Public Safety said they’ll continue to have events like this to make sure students have a seat for graduation instead of death.

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