Valdosta organization aiming to start monthly crime club meetings again

Valdosta's Citizen's Against Violence Ministry plans to resume meetings

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Citizens Against Violence Ministry is on a mission to stop violence in Valdosta’s neighborhoods.

Because of the pandemic, their monthly crime club meetings were paused. But they plan to start back in the next few months.

The crime clubs are divided by different areas in the city.

The clubs help tackle safety concerns in the community. They also offer food from the food pantry and help patrol the areas.

”There was a large amount of car thefts here in town, so we would do seminars for them to teach them what they need to do to prevent their cars from being stolen. A lot of people we found were leaving their cars open and kids would go in and vandalized the car. Some of them would actually leave their keys in the car. So, after we went through a lot of safety tips and different things, our crime clubs haven’t had a vehicle stolen since 2019 in our crime club,” Tony Sampson, crime club director, said.

Citizen Against Violence ministry sign in Valdosta.
Citizen Against Violence ministry sign in Valdosta. (Source: WALB)

The goal is to educate and give the community a positive program to decrease violence.

The club director says crime rates in their designated areas have gone down 90% since 2019.

Sampson said it feels good to know their efforts are making a difference.

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