OrderEats drivers earn almost $300K during pandemic, food delivery apps thrive in 2020

OrderEats drivers earn almost 300k during pandemic; food delivery apps thrive during 2020

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Locally owned OrderEats hit its one-year anniversary in the Albany and Leesburg area on Tuesday.

“I remember getting excited about us doing say, 50 delivers a day, and now we’re climbing close to 200 delivers a day,” said Trent Nolan.

Nolan is a city feeder and he manages the Albany, Leesburg OrderEats territory.

Trent Nolan
Trent Nolan (Source: WALB)

Nolan said pizza is one of the company’s most popular orders they deliver.

Restaurant owners said delivery services like OrderEats have been lifesavers during the pandemic.

“During the time that they’ve had us shutdown for dine-in, yeah it was a gamechanger,” said Lisa Lewis, the owner of the Albany Mellow Mushroom.

OrderEats and Nolan started delivering meals around the same time the pandemic kicked off last spring.

“We didn’t really rethink it. We felt as if it was a good time,” explained Nolan.

And if the pandemic has helped any industry, it’s the food delivery business.

OrderEats now has six times the number of drivers in Albany and Leesburg compared to when it first launched this time last year.

Those drivers made a combined income of almost $300,000 year-to-date.

As the local business continues to grow, Nolan, who is a family man of two and also works a second job, is happy to see it happen. And his family just might be happy too.

“My son will actually, he’ll wear the vest every once in a while and say, ‘I’m a delivery driver, daddy,’” Nolan told WALB News 10.

Trent's son, Jace, wearing his dad's OrderEats vest.
Trent's son, Jace, wearing his dad's OrderEats vest. (Source: Trent Nolan)

OrderEats is still hiring and looking to branch out and start serving Columbus soon. It also has drivers and delivers in Valdosta.

But it’s not just OrderEats that’s been thriving during the pandemic.

From March through September, nearly 2 million new Door Dashers joined their platform nationally and together, with existing Dashers, earned more than $3.5 billion during the first six and a half months of the pandemic, according to a spokesperson for the company.

GrubHub officials told WALB they drove $2.4 billion in food sales to restaurants across the US from October through December. That’s a 44 percent increase from their numbers in January to March of last year, according to officials with GrubHub.

WALB also reached out to UberEats for comment but never heard back.

Waitr could not be reached for comment.

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