City of Arlington election results likely not changing

Updated: Mar. 22, 2021 at 11:42 PM EDT
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ARLINGTON, Ga. (WALB) - Even after two hearings that were held Monday, the City of Arlington’s election results are likely not going to change, according to Calhoun and Early County officials.

This comes after months worth of talks and a challenge, questioning the residency of some registered voters.

Arlington Mayor Raymond Williams is calling for absentee ballot reform after he believes some ballots were fraudulent.

Raymond Williams
Raymond Williams(Source: WALB)

”Until we get the state involved in this election, I don’t know how it’s gonna be because I know there’s a lot of illegal absentee ballot harvesting. I know,” said Williams.

On Monday, WALB News 10 did reach out to the Secretary of State’s Office to see if it is looking into the March 16 election, but we haven’t heard back from at this time.

The City of Arlington is divided between two counties, Early and Calhoun.

Election officials from both counties said they don’t believe any fraud was involved in the March 16 election.

Election officials said that what came from the separate hearings is that both counties, combined, are recommending that three votes cast in the March 16 city council election not count because those three voters didn’t show proof of residency within the City of Arlington during Monday’s hearings. They could have defended their residency by showing up to Monday’s hearings, but they did not, according to election officials.

So what’s next? The recommendations from Calhoun and Early counties now head to Randolph County for their input and final say-so on how to proceed.

Keep in mind, although the City of Arlington is split between Calhoun and Early counties, they needed an impartial entity, like Randolph County, to put on the March 16 election.

Randolph County leaders said last week that official election numbers should be released closer to Friday.

”We haven’t got together on what we gonna do about it or if anything, but we’re hoping that the state will come in and try to alleviate some of this,” said Sam Robinson, one of the three people who ran against the current City of Arlington council members and filed the challenge.

Sam Robinson, Betty Murdock and Carolyn Oliver filed the challenge.
Sam Robinson, Betty Murdock and Carolyn Oliver filed the challenge.(Source: WALB)

Early and Calhoun election officials said a re-election isn’t going to happen and they believe no fraud was committed in the March 16 election.

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