Brother’s Pizza opens second Albany location

Brother’s Pizza opens second Albany location
Brother's Pizza opened a second location in Albany. (Source: WALB News)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Brother’s Pizza has officially opened its second location in the Albany area bringing new business and new jobs.

Ivan Vega is the owner of Brothers Pizza. He moved from Ecuador to the United States when he was 8-years-old and has lived in Albany for six years. His first love was not pizza. He originally had a passion for something else.

“I was going to do a chain of vape stores, but then I realized the vape business was not a business that I wanted to get into,” said Vega.

Vega always knew he wanted to be an owner of a business. The problem was he had no idea what he wanted to invest in. He said that’s when he turned to Christ to guide him, and from there, he’s now in business.

“I love pizza. Since I was 8-years-old, I came to the United States and when I had a slice of pizza, I fell in love. Since I was the smallest, I always got a little slice. So, I said when I get older I’m going to open up one of these businesses and eat all the pizza that I want,” Vega said.

Growing up, pizza was always his first choice on the menu. He later found a mentor who would help him find success along the way.

“I always had that mentality of having my own pizza shop, so I went to work at the most popular pizzeria where I loved the pizza in New Jersey. I learned from an old Italian guy who taught me how to make dough from scratch and all the items,” Vega said.

Much like his mentor, Vega is spreading that same love around Albany, providing jobs for people in the midst of COVID, even with criminal backgrounds. His goal is to hire more people in need to help his business continue growing.

“I love them, they’re my family. They’re not employees,” he said. “I never treat anybody like employees, because they’re my fellow brother and sister.”

Vega said that he’s proud that COVID has not hurt his business.

“COVID hit and it helped. It helped, then my sales went up,” he said. “The Lord just made it happen.”

The second location is at 2820 Meredyth Drive. The first pizza restaurant is at 207 E Oglethorpe Boulevard.

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