Southwest Health District receives Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Southwest Health District receives Johnson & Johnson vaccines

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Department of Public Health Southwest District has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Director Dr. Charles Ruis said they plan to use this vaccine on groups struggling to get to the health department. Some vaccines are also going to Early County.

Dr. Ruis said groups like teachers, the homeless, and those with mobility issues will be target groups for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

He said, as the supply increases, they’ll consider going to businesses.

Southwest Health District Director, Dr. Charles Ruis
Southwest Health District Director, Dr. Charles Ruis (Source: WALB)

“It gets the job done in just one shot. So, a person is considered fully immune 28 days before they would be considered so if they were using the Pfizer or the Moderna product, that can help them be protected from the virus quicker,” said Dr. Ruis.

He addressed the misconception that the Johnson & Johnson shot is less effective.

“The best way to compare multiple drugs is to test all the drugs at the same time preferably under similar or identical conditions. Manufacturing companies and researchers just haven’t had the time to do what referred to as a head-to-head study,” said Dr. Ruis.

He said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine showed promise against the South African variant.

“Moving forward, we may conclude that the Johnson & Johnson product might actually be superior to the Moderna and the Pfizer, but only time will tell,” said Dr. Ruis.

He said when there are plenty of vaccines to offer, patients may get a choice of the vaccine.

He said, however, there may also be times when patients are not readily available, and they cannot open a new bottle of another type of vaccine.

Dr. Ruis said the important thing is when you qualify, be sure to get a vaccine. He said all three vaccines are proven to help prevent death and hospitalization.

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