‘I love more’: One of Phoebe’s first COVID-19 patients on the virus, 2020 and losing her parents

“I love more” 1 of Phoebe’s first COVID-19 patients reflects on virus, 2020 and losing parents

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - It has been one year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared and one of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital’s first COVID-19 patients is speaking out.

Officials said around 2,400 COVID-19 patients have been admitted since the start of the pandemic last year and one of them was Laconyea Lynn.

Lynn said life is “still an emotional rollercoaster” for her to this day.

Last spring, Lynn battled COVID-19 for 72 days at Phoebe Main in Albany.

She said the scariest part about it all was how she lost time and couldn’t remember anything during the roughly six weeks she was asleep at the hospital. However, she was bound and determined to beat the virus.

“Even though I was rolled in the back doors in a wheelchair, but I was not rolling out of here in a wheelchair. I was walking out,” said Lynn.

Lynn lost her mother to the virus during that time, and four days after Lynn got out of the hospital, her father died of cancer.

“I talk to them and that gives me peace. Just like me and you talking. I will just have a conversation and just imagine what they would say,” Lynn told WALB News 10.

Lynn said after COVID-19, she had to learn how to walk again among other things.

On the flip side, she exercises and eats healthier now and she doesn’t go anywhere without a mask, but for her, there’s a bigger picture to this whole experience.

“I love more because when I was here (Phoebe), strangers took care of me the way they would take care of their loved ones,” explained Lynn.

Watch the full interview with Lynn below:

FULL INTERVIEW: Talking with one of Phoebe's first COVID-19 patients

One of those caregivers was Kim Sloan, who Lynn reunited with just before this interview.

The two are still friends to this day and have seen each other since Lynn left the hospital.

Lynn said it’s people like Sloan and the experience of 2020 that makes her look at life differently.

“It’s very precious and people are precious,” said Lynn.

Lynn told us she is truly thankful for everyone who took great care of her at Phoebe during her time of need.

Sloan also has an interesting story. She and her husband are traveling medical professionals and started working at Pheobe just before the pandemic hit.

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