Petition filed to contest March election in City of Arlington

Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 12:28 AM EST
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ARLINGTON, Ga. (WALB) - The election saga continues in the City of Arlington as some absentee ballots have come under question.

A petition to contest the election was filed last week, just 11 days before the March 16 election.

Judge Joe Bishop held a hearing Monday morning on the petitioner’s emergency motion, challenging the 2021 municipal voter registration list.

Mayor Raymond Williams said this comes after some of the absentee ballots did not have the appropriate signatures needed to be valid.

Mayor Raymond Williams
Mayor Raymond Williams(source: WALB)

“I just want a fair election. As long as it’s a fair election and no one is trying to cheat or force anyone to do anything they don’t wanna do or harvesting ballots that shouldn’t be,” said Williams.

Williams said some ballots have already been thrown out. He said if your absentee ballot is thrown out, you’ll be notified and you’ll have to vote in person.

WALB News 10 was told that the Calhoun Board of Elections met Tuesday night to discuss the matter further.

This all goes back to a November 2019 election that was thrown out due to alleged voter irregularities.

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