BINGE IT!: Fans get unexpected plot twist with Netflix’s ‘Behind Her Eyes’

BINGE IT! with Kim
BINGE IT! with Kim(Kim McCullough)
Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 12:29 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 10, 2021 at 12:31 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Bingers, we have stepped back into the world of Netflix to discuss another binge-worthy series to add to your list.

Every month, Digital Content Producer Kim McCullough will choose a popular binge-worthy show to watch and discuss together. This time, minds are blown because of the twists and turns of Netflix’s “Behind Her Eyes.”

The series is a physiological thriller based on the best-selling novel, “Behind Her Eyes” by Sarah Pinborough.

Behind Her Eyes also received a 62 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, based on the critic’s website.

The thriller is rated TV-MA, which means it’s for mature audiences and may include profanity, explicit sexual activity and/or violence.

For the fans that are still stuck to their seats in shock, let’s untangle this web of tricks.


Based in the United Kingdom, the story starts when Louise, a single mother, goes out on a much-needed night in the town.

That night, she meets David and the two make an immediate connection, ending the night with a confusing kiss.

Soon, Louise finds out her new love connection may be off-limits because of the fact that David is her new boss — and has a wife, Adele, that he failed to mention at the time.

Soon afterward, Louise got to know Adele closely after bumping into her on the street and starting a friendship that eventually turned upside down.

Would you trust a friendship like this?

At first, the friendship felt genuine to Louise because both women bonded over the similarity of night terrors. Adele even helped Louise find a pleasant way to escape with the help of a dream journal written by Rob, Adele’s best friend from her days in a mental health facility.

Through their friendship in the facility, Rob felt worried about the impact David had on Adele and even doubted David’s trust when it came to Adele’s family estate.

Even though the friendship between Louise and Adele grows, it still doesn’t stop the affection she feels for David. The affection leads to months of a secret affair, and Louise playing both sides for her enjoyment.

The mind games come into play once Adele “sees” their secret through a special gift she has, leaving the audience wondering if Adele’s friendship with Louise was a mind game all along.

She finds every way to turn Louise against David.

With several warnings and even threats, Louise refuses to leave the couple alone, allowing her to fall for a cruel trick towards the end of the story.

Unknown to David, the crazy plot twist left him feeling as if he won the game and escaped the web of secrets and lies. But fans who saw the series know he may never get rid of her — even though he thinks he has.

Is your jaw still on the floor from the plot twist? Mine is.

To grasp the full shocker of Behind Her Eyes, you must watch it for yourself.

Kim's Binge It! rating:

Kim’s rating system is simple and straight to the point:

  • 1 - Hard to finish: It may be new but it’s not good. Definitely hard to finish the season.
  • 2 - Boring: I finished the season, but it wasn’t that exciting or engaging.
  • 3 - At least the storyline was decent: It was good, but the show didn’t pull me in.
  • 4 - It was good: The show was engaging and interesting.
  • 5 - I was hooked: I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Behind Her Eyes received a 4 in our Binge It! series.

Though the storyline was good and I was interested, the show took a minute to get to the meat of the plot. In order to really enjoy the plot twist, you have to ride through the build-up. That may take longer than some bingers like.

This was a limited series, which means there will not be more episodes.

Tell me what you think. Comment and share your opinions and tell me which show you think we should binge next.

This month, Digital Content Producer Kim McCullough binged Netflix's "Behind Her Eyes." Have you 👀 it yet?

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