First Alert Forecast

A sunny stretch starts on Sunday

3/6/2021 Evening Wx Forecast

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The chance for showers will continue to drop heading into the overnight hours. During this period, we will also see the clouds make a swift exit. This will allow temperatures Sunday morning to drop toward the upper 30′s. Thankfully, the clear skies hold on to reveal sunshine for the rest of Sunday as well. High temperatures through the afternoon will rise toward the middle 60′s. Beware if you have allergies, pollen levels will also be on the rise from here as alder, juniper, and elm trees will all be in bloom. The rest of Sunday will continue without much commotion from the weather. Clear skies overnight and into the start of the work week. The only major changes that occur this week will be the high temperatures climbing toward the 80′s into the next weekend.

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