Valdosta bike shop collects and repairs bikes to donate to those in need

Updated: Mar. 4, 2021 at 4:39 PM EST
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -Valdosta Bike Center partnered with Valdosta Police Department to collect bikes and donate them to those in the community in need of transportation and to kids, as well.

“We see a lot of people that bring their bikes in that use them for transportation every day, and we see the need when their bikes break down, they don’t really have the money to get it repaired. So we thought if we can take bikes that are still out there hanging out there in people’s garage and haven’t ridden in 10 to 15 years. No value to them, that they would want to donate,” Shawn Eikenberry, owner of Valdosta Bike Center.

Valdosta Bike Center is a family-owned business.

Valdosta Bike Center partners with VPD to donate bikes.
Valdosta Bike Center partners with VPD to donate bikes.(WALB)

The new owner, Eikenberry, tells us after noticing the transportation needs in the community, he put a message on social media on the plan to help local organizations and put bikes in the hands of those who really need them.

“We heard that Shawn and his son were doing this deal here with the bikes, I happen to have a few extra bikes, made contact and we made a really good partnership start here,” said Offer Randall Hancock with Valdosta Police Department (VPD).

VPD donated the first batch of bikes. They were fixed up and donated last week to the Salvation Army.

Eikenberry tells us, they already had a waiting list of people that needed it.

“There are men and women in the shelters that are in need of transportation to be able to secure that job so right now we are working on adult bikes mostly, but we do have some children bikes that are coming in and getting ready as well. As those people in the shelters need it, I’m sure they have families too and it’ll be nice to provide their children a way of entertainment and means of exercise as well,” said Eikenberry.

Eikenberry owns another business in town and he tells me his family is always looking for ways to help the community.

“We believe in the whole let’s give a hand up and not a handout. If we can help people who need help...we feel like they can keep going on to be better citizens, provide more for their families and be able to do a little more. So something really small for us, may mean something huge for somebody who doesn’t have something,” said Eikenberry.

Their goal is to send to the Salvation Army four to five bikes, every two or three weeks.

If you’d like to donate a bike, you can call the shop at (229) 253-9050 If you’re local they will go pick it up or it can be dropped off.

You can also drop them off at Valdosta Police Department.

Valdosta Bike Center partners with VPD to donate bikes.
Valdosta Bike Center partners with VPD to donate bikes.(WALB)

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