Ga. House discusses bills on voting, daylight saving time, sports betting

Updated: Mar. 1, 2021 at 7:31 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Voting rights, daylight saving time and sports betting are all topics of discussion in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Albany Representative Winfred Dukes said the vote for stricter voting rights will be a partisan vote.

“Democrats are going to vote against it, Republicans are going to vote for it,” said Dukes.

Some of the changes to voting consist of submitting a state ID, Voter ID, or a driver’s license number with an absentee ballot.

Another change would be limiting drop boxes. Representative Dukes said currently, there is one dropbox per 100,000 people. He said the location of drop boxes should be a local decision.

Georgia Senate President Pro Tem Butch Millers who cosponsored the bills said in part that they “vary in their approach for reasserting confidence in an election system which has lost credibility with a majority of Georgians.”

The House is also discussing changes to daylight saving time, as well as allowing sports betting.

The Georgia Senate passed a bill to allow standard time all year long.

Representative Dukes said this isn’t the first time this legislation has been brought up.

“We have heard it for three or four years, so I don’t think it’s going to be enough support once we get it out of the House,” said Dukes.

He said the agriculture community backs it.

“It’s back and forth, the tourism industry, they like more daylight in the evenings, but the fact is, I’m not changing whether they have more daylight in the evening, I’m just changing the time, so the perception there,” said State Senator Ben Watson.

Dukes said they are also discussing legislation that would allow sports betting.

Representative Dukes said the bills they pass will go to the Senate, and before any of them can be put into place, Governor Kemp must sign off on them.

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