Thomasville police warn residents about COVID-19 text scam

Thomasville police warn of COVID-19 text scam

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A COVID-19 text scam has targeted someone in Thomasville and police want you to be aware so you don’t fall prey.

Recently, police were notified about a text scam, involving a federal COVID-19 assistance grant.

Only one person has reported this to Thomasville police and luckily that one person didn’t fall for it.

Police want you to be aware and report this to your local law enforcement if you get this text or something similar that just doesn’t seem right.

“Usually, it just, something doesn’t seem right and it doesn’t seem like it would come from a reputable company. So one thing I like to say is if it looks like it’s suspicious, it probably is, so have somebody else take a look at it,” said Cpl. Crystal Parker with the Thomasville Police Department (TPD).

Cpl. Crystal Parker
Cpl. Crystal Parker (Source: WALB)

One thing TPD said you should look out for bad punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Police also said you shouldn’t click on any links that you don’t trust or know where they came from.

TPD is not investigating this instance because there wasn’t actually a victim who fell for the scam.

Thomasville police are also asking you to lock up your vehicles.

Thomasville police are also asking you to lock up your vehicles.

They said so far this year they have responded to nine vehicle thefts. In several of these cases, people left their keys inside or they left their vehicles unlocked. Some of those victims actually left their vehicles running while they went into a store.

Police said you cant do that in today’s world.

“Just reminding people that we don’t live in Mayberry, this isn’t, like you said, ‘Andy Griffith Land.’ We would like it to be that way, but that, unfortunately, that’s just not the society we live in anymore and we have to take care of what we want to protect,” said Parker.

Police said they don’t believe any of the cases are related.

There have been arrests in some of the cases and all vehicles have been recovered.

Parker said some of the cases are still under investigation.

If you see someone looking into car windows or any suspicious activity, Thomasville police ask you to call their non-emergency number at (229) 226-2101.

You can also call that number to report scams.

If you’re not in Thomasville and receive or see suspicious activity, Cpl. Parker recommends you call your local non-emergency line.

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