Georgia Senate passes bill to stop time changes

Georgia Senate passes bill to stop time changes
(Source: CNN)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - You’ll have to change your clocks again on March 14.

But a bill just passed the Georgia Senate to stop the changes.

State Sen. Ben Watson (District 1- R), who’s also a physician, says we all know it does a number on our bodies - sleep cycles, mood, and even increased risk of heart attacks.

The bill would keep us on Standard Time year-round. It passed in the Georgia Senate. Now it goes on to the Georgia House.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would need to sign it to go into law.

Sen. Watson had intended to put it on the ballot in November, but COVID pushed everything back.

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests Standard Time because Daylight Saving Time produces too much darkness in the winter months. It affects all areas of our live in the Coastal Empire including the agricultural community and tourism industry.

“The farmers like Standard Time because they like more daylight in the mornings as a general rule, so when we were more of an agrarian society that made them happy. It’s back and forth, the tourism industry they like more daylight in the evenings, but the fact is, I’m not changing whether they have more daylight in the evening, I’m just changing the time, so the perception there,” Sen. Watson said.

Sen. Watson went on to say should schools be adjusting times? Sleep is very important to young brains and heading to high school in the dark may not be best for students. So, instead of adjusting the clocks, schools can adjust their start times.

Senate Bill 100 would go into effect if and whenever Governor Kemp signs the bill. States have the right to vote to keep Standard Time. On the flip side, South Carolina voted to keep Daylight Saving Time last year, but Congress still has to give states the ability to make that change, so nothing happened.

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