Illegal dump spotted near Albany school

Illegal dump spotted near Albany school

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany commissioners want to know why an illegal dumpsite was created only feet from a school full of kids.

It was found this week on Cutts Drive, near International Studies Elementary Charter School.

Commissioners said the dump is full of 44 tires sitting on the side of the road.

Commissioner Jon Howard said this could become a health hazard for kids and others who use this street if unwanted creatures take up home in the pile of rubber.

“Kids walk this way and then they come by and when there’s a line of cars going into the school, they got the windows down and when mosquitoes and gnats and flies start biting, we certainly don’t want one of the kids, no one to catch West Nile Virus,” said Howard.

Howards said the cleanup will not cost a cent to taxpayers. It’s on private property and the owner must foot the bill.

City leaders are now trying to track down the owner to tell them. They’ll also ask for the fence to be repaired to prevent future illegal dumps.

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