Commissioners discuss technology to make the community safer

Commissioners discuss technology to make the community safer

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -On Thursday, City Commissioners discussed technology that could keep Albany safe from crime. They talked about camera systems, apps, and gun buy-back programs to cut violent crime.

They made a big push for technology to keep the community safe as well as assisting law enforcement with their job.

Law enforcement currently has tag reader systems in school zones.

Albany Police Chief Michael Persley said not only will this help with speeding in school zones but may also help with identifying stolen vehicles.

“It won’t mean we won’t be doing traffic enforcement. We will just be able to have more eyes in more places,” said Persley.

Commissioner BJ Fletcher for Ward 3 said she would like to invest in more security for the community.

BJ Fletcher, Ward 3 Commissioner
BJ Fletcher, Ward 3 Commissioner (Source: WALB)

“I would really like for us to take it up under our wing to reach out to a company that sells a security that monitors security see if we buy in bulk could we get a break on the price,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher said Albany is at a point in life where we can’t afford not to have security.

The commissioners also talked about a new app that could alert law enforcement when used.

“You put an app on your phone its kind of like having OnStar on your phone, if you get in trouble hit this app and it alerts this operation system that somebody will be alerted and wherever you’re at they will direct the nearest public safety agency,” said Persley.

Chief Micahel Persley, APD
Chief Micahel Persley, APD (Source: WALB)

The chief said he will be looking for a test group to see how the app works.

Commissioners also talked about a gun buyback program on April 1.

“Even though we’re hearing more of it won’t work, our thing is well it won’t work if you don’t try it,” said Persley.

Ward 4 Commissioner Chad Warbington said if it can prevent one crime it’s worth trying.

Chad Warbington, Ward 4 Commissioner
Chad Warbington, Ward 4 Commissioner (Source: WALB)

“If we get five guns off the street, if we get three guns off the street, hey it was worth it,” said Warbington.

They said depending on the outcome, more buyback programs may occur.

At the next meeting, commissioners plan to talk about changing the general noise ordinance to include fireworks.

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