Dougherty Co. District Attorney reacts to new street racing legislation

Dougherty Co. District Attorney reacts to new street racing legislation

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County’s District Attorney said street racing needs to be addressed.

Gov. Brian Kemp recently rolled out legislation strengthening penalties if you do it.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said although this doesn’t happen frequently in Dougherty County, it needs to be addressed.

“In Dougherty County, we did have an instance where street drag racing was occurring and in fact resulted in a fatality,” said Edwards.

He said if people are going to drag race, they can do it on professional strips.

“Drag racing is pretty hazardous in itself. It’s important for the law to protect the rest of the world for those folks who want to do something that puts everybody else at risk,” said Edwards.

Gov. Kemp announced House Bill 534 Friday.

Governor Brian Kemp
Governor Brian Kemp (Source: State of Georgia)

“Legislation that will toughen penalties for offenders hold those who promote these dangerous activities accountable and keep our streets safe through modernizing old codes to include these activities that put Georgians in harm’s way,” said Kemp.

Edwards said he hopes higher penalties will deter drag racing from happening.

He said a drag racing case is provable.

“You would have observations by witnesses and also physical evidence surrounding the activity that can be recorded,” said Edwards.

He said as far as those who are going excessive speeds on straightaways, there are penalties for them too.

“There are super speeder penalties that are pretty heavy in it of themselves. Several thousand dollars of fines including jail time, so it’s depending on how fast you’re going,” said Edwards.

He said some straightaways where street racing has been reported, include Gillionville and Leary Road.

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