14-year-old excels in college classes in VSU’s dual enrollment program

14-year-old excels in college classes in VSU’s dual enrollment program

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - A 14-year-old is breaking barriers at Valdosta State University (VSU) as their youngest student.

Fisher Lee is from Baxley.

“I feel very fortunate to have this type of advancement,” said Lee.

He is a freshman in high school and taking five classes at VSU.

”I just encourage parents, especially in rural areas, to explore options if you have that child that you feel like needs to be stimulated more in a specific area. It’s hard in rural communities,” said Knicole Lee, his mother.

His mother has been one of his biggest supporters.

Knicole said towards the end of middle school, Fisher’s teachers realized his potential after excelling academically in his grade level.

They encouraged him to take the ACTs.

“Whenever we are in groups, in our online classes and we have to do our introductions, most of the time we have to tell our age and when I tell my age, so far, everyone has been welcoming and ask about how I came to VSU at such a young age. But it’s been really good so far,” said Fisher.

Because of COVID, all of his classes have been online.

Fisher said he’s looking forward to the opportunity to learn on campus.

VSU’s dual enrollment program is available for those who qualify and meet the requirements.

School officials say it’s an excellent way to get college experience and kick start your career goals.

It also helps save money for those that qualify for funding.

“The funding is a great benefit for families because they can get a jump start on college and start getting exposed to those areas they are thinking about. If they are thinking about the medical field, if they are thinking about a degree in nursing or English, they can start taking classes in those areas that apply towards their college or high school standards,” said Ryan Hogan, director of admissions.

Fisher said he doesn’t know what he wants to become just yet.

He is taking classes in business and the medical field and the young scholar said he hopes to set an example for those who want to excel and are up for a college challenge.

“I hope that there will be others the same age as me or younger to come eventually. I fell like it’s a great opportunity for anyone to do,” Fisher said.

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Fisher Lee is part of VSU's dual enrollment program.
Fisher Lee is part of VSU's dual enrollment program. (Source: WALB)

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