Alternative Baseball teams to expand across South Georgia

Good News: Alternative Baseball teams to expand across South Georgia

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One baseball organization is looking to expand and may possibly be coming to a county near you.

The “alternative baseball” league is for people over the age of 15 with autism and other neurological challenges.

CEO and Founder of Alternative Baseball Taylor Duncan said this league is needed across America and highly requested in South Georgia.

Duncan said enrollment in alternative baseball has actually increased during the pandemic, but the league still needs as many coaches, volunteers and players as possible.

“Right now, we’re keeping recruiting open until Dr. (Anthony) Fauci says that it’s safe for us to get back out there and going. But we have not actually gotten back out there and practiced and played any games yet because of COVID. Because a lot of our players have immunocompromised disorders, we’re having to be a lot more careful in the way that we plan. So we’re just waiting for the cases to go down enough and to get back out there,” Duncan said.

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