Sylvester family still looking for answers almost a year after son’s shooting death

Sylvester family want answers almost a year after son’s shooting death

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - No arrests have been made 11 months after 20-year-old Gage White died in Worth County after he was shot in the chest, and his family wants justice and is calling for answers.

Gage was shot near the 700 block of Youngblood Road on March 19 with several witnesses around, according to family members.

Gage White
Gage White (Source: Facebook)

He died at an Albany hospital three days later.

Since Gage’s death 11 months ago, his family has had to cope with a lot, including the loss of Gage’s sister’s unborn child.

“Gage was really excited about her having a baby,” said Jennifer Hadden, Gage’s mom.

Also 14 months prior to the shooting, Gage’s eight-year-old sister passed away.

All of this and much more has left a scar on the family.

“The family’s not the same,” said Hadden.

Wade White, Gage’s father, agreed with Hadden.

Gage’s family is pushing through all of that to find and demand answers in his death.

According to a Worth County coroner’s report, Gage’s death was labeled a homicide.

Gage’s family wants whoever pulled the trigger to be held accountable.

“Justice hasn’t been taken yet,” said Hadden.

On the day of Gage’s death, Hadden claims 911 was never called immediately and she wants to know why because Gage’s family believes it could have saved Gage’s life.

“Instead of calling 911 they called me,” said Jennifer.

The family wants answers now, but local officials said there are reasons why they are being so tight-lipped about this case, but said they are following all of the right steps to move the case forward.

“When we have a case like this, that has potentially many witnesses and many facts, we don’t want to do anything or say anything to potentially taint the investigation,” said District Attorney Bryce Johnson.

Sheriff Don Whitaker said his office and the DA are trying to further develop the case now, before coming forward with any details publicly.

The sheriff’s office said it is still looking into the case and looking at every lead that comes in.

“Some cases are not solved overnight. I wish they were,” said Sheriff Whitaker.

This case is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, The Worth County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office.

Johnson said he plans to meet with Gage’s family Tuesday to talk more about the case.

In the meantime, Sheriff Whitaker said if you have any information about the case, you can call their criminal investigations unit at (229) 776-8211.

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