State Board of Elections decides on voter fraud allegations

State Board of Elections decides on voter fraud allegations

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The State Elections Board discussed several cases of potential voter fraud across the state on Wednesday. The cases took place in elections from 2017 through 2019.

Some cases were referred to the State Attorney General’s office, others were dismissed or resolved with a “letter of instruction.”

Counties in our area included Lowndes, Ben Hill, Sumter, Terrell, Webster, and Early.

In 2017, Ben Hill County had to suspend elections when an alderman was placed on the ballot that was not running for the listed seat. The error was due to a proofreading mistake by the elections supervisor. She was later fired.

Attorney Nicholas Kingley said that problem has now been fixed.

“There’s no systemic problem and no intentional misconduct at that time,” he said. “And the efforts that they had in their recent elections and runoff show that this problem has been corrected.”

The next year in Terrell County an elderly man voted twice when poll workers could not initially find his absentee ballot. He then voted in person.

Executive Director of Elections and Registration Carolyn Williams said more training has been done to keep this from happening again.

“I actually have those managers to call me on every voter that comes in and I extended training,” she said.

Not all cases were by poll workers, however. In 2017, then-candidate Travis Winbush of Blakely violated election rules by offering voters $25 gift cards on his Facebook page. He later took the post down.

That case is being referred to Attorney General’s office.

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