Albany Reverend and State Representatives denounce GOP voter ID bill

Albany reverend and state representatives denounce GOP voter ID bill

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - An Albany reverend shared his thoughts on a GOP voter ID proposal. He was part of faith leaders who said the bill is the backlash to Georgia turning blue in recent elections.

That’s after the state had a record number of absentee ballots. The measure would require people to mail copies of their ID if they plan to vote absentee. Those for the legislation say it would deter voter fraud.

Rev. Donny Green from Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church said it would restrict access to the ballot.

Reverend Dr. Donny Green speaks on voter issues.
Reverend Dr. Donny Green speaks on voter issues. (Source: Rev. Dr. Donny Green)

“It’s time to go to work. We need to get in contact with our senators and the people who are trying to pass these laws and let them know it’s not gonna work,” he said.

Democratic State Representative CaMia Hopson sent a statement with her concerns.

“Voting restrictions are quite disheartening. Everyone should have access to the ballot. That’s our Constitutional right and any tactics that dwindle ease of access to the ballot are extremely unfair.”

Republican Representative Clay Pirkle offered this response to those allegations.

He told WALB that they have been accused before of “trying to suppress votes. In this past election cycle, more Georgians voted than at any time in our history. If we have been suppressing votes, we are not doing a very good job.”

As far as the debate over photo ID requirements for absentee voting goes, Rep. Pirkle said if the bill is passed, access to scanners and funding for the equipment will be addressed through legislation or the Secretary of State’s Office.

The office maintains there was no evidence of widespread fraud or voter interference.

The Senate read and referred the bill state board of elections.

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