Bruce Willis wraps latest action film, ‘Reactor,’ in Warwick

Updated: Feb. 9, 2021 at 2:09 AM EST
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WARWICK, Ga. (WALB) - Actor and megastar Bruce Willis just wrapped his latest production in Southwest Georgia.

The film’s current working title is “Reactor.”

Alexander Kane, a “Reactor” producer and Fitzgerald local, told WALB News 10 that the movie is a “good guy, bad guy” styled action film.

Alexander Kane
Alexander Kane(source: Alexander Kane)

“As the movie starts to climax, you’ll start to see the struggle between the good and the evils,” explained Kane.

“A gang of mercenaries holds a nuclear power plant hostage,” is how Internet Movie Database (IMDB) describes the film.

The movie does take place in Fitzgerald, according to Kane.

The plot of the film takes place in Fitzgerald.
The plot of the film takes place in Fitzgerald.(source: Alexander Kane)

“Reactor” is directed by Jared Cohn who also directed past projects like, “The Encounter,” which was filmed in Fitzgerald Georgia.

Kane said Willis already wrapped up filming his parts of the movie and Willis spent about a week in the Crisp County and Ben Hill County area.

“Bruce fits in so well here. He likes golf and outdoors and he enjoys the local dining, he likes the cuisine. If he was to buy a home in South Georgia, he would fit right in with the rest of us. He is just your stand-up American genuine guy,” said Kane.

This current project is a standalone film and not related to any of Willis’ past works.

This is the third project Willis has worked on in Southwest Georgia, according to Kane.

The film is estimated to be released maybe this fall or early next year.

When asked what the budget was on these movies and what a star like Willis makes per film, Kane was coy but said, “Let’s just say Bruce is well taken care of like an icon of his status should be.”

“Reactor” brought in a lot of stars from all over, including Los Angeles, Calif.

And we were told that southern hospitality was in full swing.

Kelly Reiter plays supporting character Amy Rakestraw in the film. The Atlanta and LA-based actress, who has starred in films like “The Hunger Games,” said she loves filming in Georgia and has been in the area working on this project for a few weeks now.

“You’re greeted with smiles every day on set,” said Reiter.

Actor Kelcey Rose is originally from Florida. She plays Paula Fulbright in “Reactor.”

Rose said she’s been working on set for around two weeks now and “it’s beautiful weather, beautiful people and it’s nice to get out of the big city.”

“This makes me feel like I’m at home,” said actor Chris Cleveland, who plays Detective Fulbright and is originally from South Carolina.

Los Angeles actor Douglas S. Matthews, who plays Tommy Blaylock, said it’s the views on Lake Blackshear that’s making him fall in love with Georgia.

“It’s been a real pleasure to wake up, come to set and see this every single day,” said Matthews.

“The people are great, the location is fantastic,” said Stephen Cyrus Sepher, who plays the character, Gator. “Alexander Kane has been actually impeccable with what he’s put together.”

Kane said around 10 full-time locals and easily dozens of out-of-state crew were brought in for this film.

Most of the movie was shot at two locations on Lake Blackshear.

Kane said this latest project is leaving behind a huge economic footprint on the local economy. He said crews rented cars, shopped, ate, stayed and catered all from local places.

“Wardrobe buys almost everything exclusively at thrift stores or boutiques,” said Kane.

They even rented the Crisp County dam for a lot of the filming.

On set Monday for one of the final days of filming.
On set Monday for one of the final days of filming.(source: WALB)

Kane said when it’s all said and done, this movie will have a multi-million-dollar impact on Crisp County and Ben Hill County.

“Probably million and a half, $2 million. You really can’t quantify financially what movie magic does (to a local economy),” said Kane.

However, Kane said this wasn’t the last project and that there are many more productions to follow.

He said they have around seven productions on the books for the remainder of this year and they will all be shot here in the Southwest Georgia area.

He said the future looks so bright that many actors and crew are moving to the area permanently.

“They buy homes, they rent houses and then their permanent dollars stay here because they live here. So, I think we have ten full-time locals here and about 30-45 temporary move-ins, hoping to retain 10-20 percent of that each film moving here permanently,” said Kane.

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