‘We’re surviving’: Mother, daughter battle COVID-19 at same Calif. hospital

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) - A mother and daughter from California are staying optimistic as they both fight COVID-19 on different floors at the same hospital.

Jackylyn Zarandona, 38, is battling COVID-19 at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. But while she’s alone in her room, she’s not alone in the building: her mother, 62-year-old Bing Sarmiento, is hospitalized with COVID-19 on a different floor.

“At first, it’s really horrible, a horrible feeling. You thought you were gonna die, but you know just gotta do what we gonna do,” Zarandona said.

The mother and daughter, who live together, were admitted to the hospital within a day of each other. The two believe Sarmiento came into contact with someone who had COVID-19 while working at Walgreens.

Doctors have told them both to lie on their stomachs, and they’ve been doing just that.

“Doctors are reassuring us. Every day they come in, the nurses and the doctors, they are so optimistic,” Zarandona said. “We can do it. We’re surviving. It’s just COVID.”

Sarmiento encourages others to stay home and be safe because “COVID is no joke.”

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