The Lee County Trojan’s baseball team hit the field for the first day of practice

The Lee County Trojan’s baseball team hit the field for the first day of practice
Lee County Trojans 2021 Baseball (Source: WALB)

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - The 2021 high school baseball season has arrived.

Nearly 10 months after the 2020 season shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic excitement was at an all-time high as players took the field for the first day of practice in this new season.

Senior Center Fielder, Kaden Wilson said. “It feels amazing. I came out here smiling and the coaches are like, “Why are you smiling so much today?” And I’m like, “Coach, I’m ready!” It’s just... I love when everything gets going. A bunch of people are nervous but I tell them it’s all good. I like to be a leader in the group. And just having fun.”

Head Coach Biran Trivette said, “It’s been wonderful. It’s been way too long since being shut down last year. Having our guys come out here and run around like a bunch of bumblebees, it was fantastic. It was a great day.”

The Lee County Trojans came out strong last season sitting at 13-1 before the Coronavirus pandemic upended the year.

After softball sported a successful season amid the pandemic Trivette is confident they’ll get to play a full season.

“I’ve been saying, if we can wrestle and play basketball inside then we can play baseball outside. Now we’re going to do everything we can and wear our masks and distance as much as possible and do the right thing, but I’m feeling good about the opportunity to complete a season,” said Trivette.

In recent years the Trojans have become an expected playoff contender.

In 2016 coming up just shy of the state title returning to Leesburg as the runner-up.

And they put up another fight in 2019 but fell in the quarterfinals.

With experience on their side, the Trojans will look to strengthen their offense in 2021.

Senior First Baseman, Jeffery Bryan, said, “I think the experience will help us a bunch we know what to do in the situation. I mean when adversity comes, we’ll know how to handle that and we know each other, and being with each other helps a lot. Concentration, I mean staying focused throughout the whole season and just being prepared every game and go out there and play the best that we can.”

Trivette added, “We’ve lived on pitching and defense for years and years but hopefully we can score a few more runs and make it a little easier on ourselves. But a lot of these guys know how to win and that’s something you can’t teach.”

In just over a month from now, the Trojans will take the diamond to open the regular season.

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