Dougherty Co. signs, certifies election results

Dougherty Co. signs, certifies election results

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County had a special meeting Wednesday to certify the election results from the January 5 runoffs.

In the meeting, the board of the elections discussed the numbers of the elections, noting that the overall numbers of the runoffs and general election were fairly close, in terms of the numbers of voters.

They usually expect the numbers to be far lower, but this year the runoffs had a huge turnout. Dougherty County runoff turnout was just over 50 percent, while the general election turnout was 58 percent.

Dougherty Co. has 63,299 registered voters, and 32,121 people voted in January. About 23,000 votes went to the three Democrat candidates, and about 9,300 votes went to three Republican candidates.

During the meeting, they spoke about provisional ballots, which was important because some voters were not in the right precinct.

”So they’re allowed to vote at a provisional ballot and they will come back and those ballots would be cured or corrected and she was saying out of 34 that were cast, 19 of those were cured or corrected and they counted,” said Chairman of Registrations and Elections, Benny Hand.

The special meeting ended with each member of the board of elections signing off and they certified that these were the correct numbers for the election.

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